Our Story

It started with friends getting together to relax , unwind and de-stress with  some holistic pampering

A group of therapists and qualified aromatherapists creating well-being events in a calm environment, creating an oasis.

Starting with ladies well-being events, then their friends booked and then businesses started booking too. And so Shea Bliss came into being.

Our company brings together like minded therapists who share a passion for effective holistic treatments using our knowledge and expertise to make clients feel fantastic.

Combine that with a deep understanding of aromatherapy and a desire for quality ingredients. The result ?  A group that makes superb skin care products that make a difference to client well-being.

Our dedicated team are specialists in the treatments they provide. Our clients love the events we hold and rave about our therapies and products. Who are we to argue?

The right people, the right training.

We are a talented collective. Each Specialist is experienced, capable and passionate about the treatments they deliver.

We pick our staff because they have a gift for the services they provide. And as with the very best practitioners, this is not just a job for them, it’s a calling. This means you’ll feel soothed, indulged, and blissfully re-invigorated.

Our services are open to all and we welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds, making you feel comfortable and relaxed with our diverse staff team originating from Africa, The Caribbean, India, Iran, Pakistan and the UK

We work with Weleda, a local natural skincare company with over 90 of experience in homoeopathy and plant based skincare and medicines. The weleda products we use in our treatments have therapeutic and medicinal properties. Healing your mind and body with aromas and active plant based ingredients.

Try a selection of our treatments and you’ll understand why people rave about us.

Our Story

Our Story