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We at Shea Bliss are not only exceptional therapists we are also experienced business people with many years experience in the corporate world , so we really understand the daily pressures of the office environment, the impact of stress on employees, the importance of health and well-being best practice for the success of your business.

Healthy, happy and well workers makes for a healthy, productive business? Right?

We have a team of professional, highly qualified and insured massage therapists offering treatments designed to melt away the negative effects of deadlines and targets. With an in-depth knowledge of the human body our therapists offer a bespoke remedial or deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and heal the body.

Don’t be left behind as more and more companies in the UK are now realising the benefits of on site massage for their employees.Show you care by investing in your people, a very cost effective way to offer staff relaxation and time out with proven benefits while at work.

Ask our current corporate clients about  the positive effect our service has on the general health of staff as well as demonstrating to prospective employees and clients that the company offer a supportive environment and really care about the well-being of their staff.

Some benefits of on-site massage reported by our clients:

  • Improved Health and Well Being 
  • Energy Levels Increased
  • Ability to Concentrate Improved
  • Reduces Mental Stress
  • Assists with Posture and Physical Imbalance

The benefits of our treatments pervades the workplace providing a less stressful and enjoyable work environment which improves morale, retains employees and promotes health awareness.

Our treatments typically last for 15-30 minutes and we supply all the equipment, consultation forms and booking in sheets.

All we need from you is a room/private area for a couch or onsite massage chair to enable our therapists to relax & de- stress your team.

Choose from Swedish Back Massage, Onsite Acupressure Massage or Indian Head and Shoulder Massage.

Alternatively if space is limited Head, Neck and Shoulder or Head Massage may be performed at the desk of the employee.

Ways of paying for treatments:

  • Employer pays the full cost
  • Employer may subsidise the cost of the treatment and the employee pays the difference
  • Employee pays for their own treatment in full

We can offer you a minimum 2 hour slot for 15, 20 or 30 minute treatments  for your staff to enjoy during their working day or during a comfort/lunch break.

We also offer a service for occasional days such as staff well-being days, treat for your clients, launch events & fundraising days where a percentage of the cost will be donated to your chosen charity.

We would love the opportunity to discuss with you the options available to soothe and invigorate your most valuable asset so please feel free to contact us for further information or  make a booking to support the health and well-being of your staff team and business. 

Corporate Price List

Minimum 2 Hour Booking


No. of clients


No. of clients


Rate per hour

Session Price
















  Introductory Taster Session Offer:

Book a 2 hour session for £50 

8 clients for a 15 minute treatment

Or 6 clients for a 20 minute treatment

Corporate Onsite Massage

Corporate Onsite Massage

Corporate Onsite Massage